Barry Long’s life journey has been defined by choices- some good and some not so good. Through it all, the message that became clear to him is that the only real choice that matters is how you choose to respond.
In his personal life, Barry has faced life altering challenges that have taught him the value of positive attitude and perseverance. Through his work as a professional speaker and leadership coach, Barry has shared his message of motivation with thousands of people; helping them to take action, communicate successfully, and reach their goals through real conversation, direct guidance and actionable plans.
Using his dynamic “live life to the fullest” personality, Barry engages and interacts with his audiences while sharing positive insights and personal observations in a witty, humorous and self-deprecating delivery style that is highly unique and absolutely one of kind. Just like Barry Long.
Barry is ready to work with your organization to inspire, encourage and ignite your audience to “live life to the fullest” today!