As a highly-valued marketing professional and former consultant trainer with Microsoft, Barry Long has been inspiring audiences around the world for years, delivering hundreds of presentations and breakout sessions to all kinds of organizations. From medical groups to startups to Fortune 500 companies, Barry’s messages are designed to inspire his audiences to strive for greater professional fulfillment by setting goals that not only drive both personal and professional success, but overall organizational accomplishment.

Using his dynamic “live life to the fullest” personality, Barry engages and interacts with his audiences while sharing positive insights and personal observations in a witty, humorous and self-deprecating delivery style that is highly unique and absolutely one of kind. Just like Barry Long. Barry’s areas of expertise include -but are not limited to- the following:

• Organizational Leadership
• Positive Thinking in a Negative Environment
• Turning Obstacles into Opportunities
• Creating a Life MAP
• Employee Engagement, Teamwork and Communication
• Responding to Adversity
• The Power in Asking for Help

Barry is ready to work with your organization to inspire, encourage and ignite your audience to “live life to the fullest” today!