Speaking Examples

Marketplace Sotheby’s Keynote


Risk Taking

Barry Long discusses risk taking

Case Management

Barry Long speaks to the importance of Case Management

Intro on Laughing

Barry Long give a quick intro on laughing

Medical Equipment Conference

Barry Long's closing Thank You remarks to a medical equipment conference

Travel & Adventure Clips

Helicopter Jump: New Zealand

Barry Long bungy jumps out of a helicopter in New Zealand

Wheelchair Bungy Jump

Barry Long bungy jumps in his wheelchair

Australia Bungy Jump

Barry Long Bungy Jumps in Cairns Australia

Bungy with Brian Timmerman

Barry Long & Brian Timmerman bungy jump around the world

Commercials & Media

Boeing Advertisement

Boeing Ad featuring Barry Long

AT&T Open Internet Ad

AT&T Open Internet Ad featuring Barry Long

AT&T Internet Ad

AT&T Internet Ad featuring Barry Long

Discovery Channel Show: Go For It

Barry Long featured on the Discovery Channel's "Go For It"


My Story

Barry's amazing story

Thank You!

Barry's thank you message